Internacional Experience

Maintaining and increasing our competitiveness in the globalised environment of the 21st century has led us to develop an international structure and a team that can manage projects in a world without frontiers. By responding to this challenge we have achieved a presence in a large number of projects, handling the management, control and completion of construction projects in some of the most important emerging markets in the world.

Thanks to the experience and skills acquired by our excellent team of professionals in the Spanish market, we have been able to stay ahead through our involvement in sizeable international projects since 2008.

Our subsidiary companies are developing infrastructure projects in some of the main emerging markets worldwide:

-          Eastern Europe

-          Arab Maghreb Union

-          Mercosur in South America

Our expansion into international markets has strengthened COPSA to make it much more than a local firm, taking on new challenges and setting new frontiers for the company’s development and that of the professionals that form a part of it.

Internacional Experience