History Group


Ever since its creation in 1981, COPSA has maintained a track record of constant growth through its operations in development works and utility channels, gaining experience, technical skills and a solid business base, and developing and incorporating the talent and resources required to tackle the major civil works and construction projects it currently works on.

The company’s evolution in the 90s was a rapid one. We staked our claim in the wind energy sector, which at that time was a new and exciting area for development in Spain. Thanks to the experience and know-how acquired from this sector, the company commenced an internationalisation process with the first foreign project in 2008.

Then, via an expansion strategy in emerging markets with strong signs of growth, our international presence extended to Romania, Mauritania, Morocco, Brazil and Uruguay, providing value, results and bright future prospects for company dealings.

Our sound technical and professional practices have led to COPSA being recognised by its clients in the public and private sectors as an innovative company in permanent evolution, constantly seeking to incorporate the latest systems and methods, meet clients’ requirements and compete in highly demanding markets.